The Language of Flowers: Symbolism and Meaning Behind Different Blooms

The tradition of presenting roses as gifts has its roots in Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and China. During those times, flowers held great significance in social customs. However, during the Victorian Era, individuals started using flower bouquets to express their intentions and emotions openly. At a time when it was deemed improper to convey feelings directly, various shades of flowers were assigned specific meanings.

Floriography is the art and language of using flowers to convey specific messages and emotions. By intentionally arranging or gifting flowers specifically, individuals can communicate sentiments such as love, friendship, gratitude, or condolences without uttering a word. Thus, the secret language of flowers blossomed into what we understand today.

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What do different colours of flowers mean?

Red flowers

The quintessential colour of love, red flowers express the classic "I love you" sentiment. If you wish to convey your deepest emotions to someone special, this is the perfect choice! Red roses are trendy on Valentine's Day, symbolising commitment and passion. Present a box of red flowers to your beloved, demonstrating your strong affection, readiness for further commitment, or reaffirming lifelong devotion.

Yellow flowers

Similar to the warmth brought by the sun, the colour yellow, in general, radiates a sense of joy. Yellow flowers symbolise friendship, happiness, and compassion. Alongside conveying well wishes, yellow flowers are fitting for occasions like "good luck," "welcome back," and "don't forget about me." When a friend feels low, a bouquet of twelve yellow roses will uplift their spirits.

White flowers

Receiving white flowers symbolises purity, innocence, and young love, making them commonly linked to marriage and spirituality. They embody new beginnings and enduring love. Additionally, white flowers are often offered as a gesture of sympathy at funerals. Consider sending white roses to commemorate a first anniversary, a christening, or an engagement.

Pink flowers

Soft pink flowers exude charm, gentleness, and delight, making them a symbol of femininity. Their delicate hue is perfect for expressing new love, offering a gentler alternative to red roses. Think of soft pink as the embodiment of "gentle love." Pink flowers are ideal for gifting your closest girlfriends, presenting as a baby shower gift, or even surprising your mum.

Decoding the symbolism of flowers

From the passionate red rose symbolising eternal love to the purity of the white lily representing innocence, understanding the language of flowers adds depth and beauty to our interactions.

Whether used in celebrations, expressions of love, or condolences, flowers hold a timeless allure, inviting us to unravel their secrets and embrace their beautiful symbolism.

Flowers that mean friendship

Flowers symbolising friendship are a beautiful way to celebrate and cherish the bond between kindred spirits, radiating warmth, joy, and gratitude./p>

Flowers that show appreciation

‘Thank you’ or ‘Just thinking of you’ flowers are a heartfelt gesture, expressing appreciation and gratitude vibrantly and colourfully, leaving a lasting impression of gratitude and kindness.

Flowers that convey love

Romance flowers are a sincere way to convey profound affection and adoration, speaking volumes without the need for words and leaving an indelible impression on the recipient.

Flowers that express sympathy

Sympathy flowers are a thoughtful gesture, offering solace and support during times of loss, providing a comforting presence and a gentle reminder that one is not alone in their grief.

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