How to Care for Your Orchids

Your Complete Orchid Plant Care Guide

The orchid plant is a beautiful flower found in homes around the world, especially in Australia. These lovely flowers are often used to add colour and life to an otherwise dull space, but they do require some special care. The good news is that you don't have to be a botanist to keep your orchids healthy and happy. Orchids are a great plant for beginners and don’t need much attention if you follow the right care guidelines. You just need to learn a few basic tips on how to properly care for them.

The ideal environment for indoor orchids

The best environment for orchids is one that mimics the conditions they would experience in nature. Orchids are native to tropical countries, where the climate is warm and moist but not too hot or humid. Therefore, they can't handle freezing temperatures or dry air - so if you want to grow an orchid, make sure it's in a space where it will be comfortable, most likely indoors if you live in Australia. Orchids can tolerate fluctuating temperatures and will bloom better with the drop in temperature at night. Indirect lighting is preferred for these plants as direct sunlight can make the orchid too hot, dry, or burnt. During the wintertime, you may want to place your orchid in the bathroom or kitchen to give it some extra humidity.

Watering your orchids

When it comes to watering, you want to be careful not to over-water. Orchids do not like having their roots constantly submerged. Instead, water them when the top of the soil feels dry - you should be able to feel that it's dry by pressing down on the potting mix. Water slowly and carefully so you don't disturb it’s roots or damage the plant itself. This also means that your orchid should be in a pot with drainage holes so as to prevent rot and excessive water collection. In terms of frequency, you’ll generally want to water your orchid about once a week.

Orchid fertilisation

Fertilising your orchids will increase their chances of growth. If you want to fertilise your plant, we recommend doing so at least once a month. You will get the best results if you fertilise weekly during the growing season, but make sure to dilute your fertiliser. When watering with the fertilised solution avoid getting fertiliser on the leaves.

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