Choosing the Best Flowers to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary celebrates the day you and your partner chose to unite in the sanctity of marriage. Such a significant and sentimental event should be celebrated with meaningful gifts. Different types of flowers carry different meanings, so you need to make sure you choose the right flowers that express your love for your partner! Consider the following tips to find a gift that commemorates your relationship the best!

1. The milestone year of your anniversary

Did you know that each wedding anniversary year is associated with a specific flower? For instance, carnations are the chosen flowers to celebrate the first anniversary because carnations represent the passion and excitement that you experience in your first year of marriage. (You can read our other blog post to learn more about the different flowers to celebrate different milestone years in marriage).

2. A flower that reminds you of a special memory

If you’re unsure about choosing the right flowers for your partner, you can always take a walk down memory lane and consider a special moment for both of you. Perhaps you went on a tulip festival date or brought a bouquet of roses to celebrate your first relationship anniversary. You can always buy a bouquet of flowers that signify a favourite memory in your relationship.

3. Choose your partner’s favourite flower

Another way to ensure your partner loves their gift is to consider their personal preferences. For example, choosing flowers in their favourite colours is a great starting point. If your partner likes pastel colour schemes, you can always choose a selection of flowers in neutral tones. On the other hand, you can always go for a bouquet of red roses or other seasonal flowers in vibrant shades if your partner prefers bold colours.

4. Consider the meaning of the flower

Traditionally, flowers have always been associated with love and relationships. Different flower types and colours usually carry different meanings. For instance, red roses symbolise passionate love and romance, while white roses reflect purity and innocence. So your flower choices may depend on the feeling and emotion you wish to express to your partner.

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