Flower Arrangements for Funerals

The flowers that you choose for a loved one's funeral can make a big difference in how they're remembered, and we want to make sure you pick the best ones for what you’re after. The right flower arrangement will help you show your loved one how much they meant to you, while also making sure their final sendoff service is as beautiful and meaningful as possible.

At funerals, there can be several different types of flower arrangements used. You may choose to do some of these, or all of them depending on where the funeral service is being held and how much you would like to display in remembrance of the person who has passed. Here are the main types of funeral flower arrangements you can get:

Casket sprays

Casket sprays are one of the most popular ways to pay tribute to a someone who has passed away. As the name implies, casket sprays are an arrangement that sit on the top of the casket, in the centre, as a decorative element in funeral services or masses.


Funeral wreaths are a great alternative to casket sprays if you would like another type of arrangement to place on a casket. They can also complement sprays, and be displayed on a easel, hung, or as a centrepiece elsewhere in funeral homes or churches.


Flower crosses are a ideal for those who are religious. They’re a bit different to wreaths and caskets, so they’re a nice touch to complement other arrangements or on their own as well. Crosses can also be put on an easel or laid down on a casket or table, as a centrepiece.


You can never go wrong with a heart shaped flower arrangement at a funeral. It is a beautiful symbol of love, friendship, and affection for the person who has passed.


Flower baskets are another great option for an alternative type of funeral arrangement. They can be arranged in various ways, whether it is something small and subtle or something grand and extravagant. Funeral flower baskets are a great decorative centre piece for tables or shelves.

Types of flowers used in funerals

There is no right or wrong in choosing funeral flowers because some people will want something traditional, while others will want something unique, the deceased’s favourite flowers, or something that represents them. The bereaved may either choose flowers that are a celebration of life or a representation mourning, in these cases the colour scheme may differ. Here are the most common types of flowers used in funeral arrangements and their meaning:

  • Orchids - everlasting love
  • Chrysanthemums - grief or death
  • Lavender - sorrow, respect, and humility
  • Hyacinth - sorrow, regret, and sincerity
  • Lilies - sympathy and innocence restored to the soul of the deceased
  • Roses - love, purity, grief, or innocence
  • Carnations - sympathy and grief
  • Tulips - renewal, heaven, and eternity
  • Gladioli - strength, remembrance, and honour
  • Hydrangeas - love and support

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