Best Valentine's Day Flowers to Buy Online 2023

Since the beginning of time, the tradition of giving flowers to a loved one has always been an appreciated and heartfelt gesture. And especially every year on February 14, couples and secret admirers from all over the world continue to celebrate their affections with this gesture. A universal symbol of love and devotion, red roses are the traditional flowers of choice but you can choose any type of bloom that best represents your feelings.

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday - and it’s just around the corner. To ensure your flowers are fresh upon arrival, we recommend sending them on Feb 14. Have you thought about Valentine flower arrangements? If not, read on for the best Valentine’s Day flowers to buy online in 2023.

What kind of flowers are best on Valentine’s Day?

Long-stemmed roses: An instant classic, a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses (12 is the magic number) is always appreciated. Save this one for the lover in your life.

Pink roses: A gorgeous bouquet of pink roses symbolises care and affection. Give these roses to a new, fresh love.

Sunflowers: Cheerfully bright, sunflowers are the perfect flower to send to your mum, friend or sister.

Dried flowers: For the quirky partner, a selection of dried florals represent stability and durability - the perfect combination in a relationship.

Creative ways to preserve red roses

Who says your Valentine’s Day flowers can’t be enjoyed beyond February 14? Keep the gift lasting for longer and try these creative techniques to preserve red roses (or any flower):

  • Press: Place the flowers in some absorbent paper and put within the pages of a big, heavy book. Gently press down on the flowers.
  • Soak: Using glycerin to draw out the water and moisture, soak the flowers in the substance to ensure they stay looking fresh.
  • Sand: Put the flowers in a bowl of sand and wait until all the moisture has been drained.
  • Air-dry: Wrap the stems of your flowers together with rubber bands and hang them upside down on a hook.

Choose Mordialloc Florist™ for your Valentine’s Day flower arrangement

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We’ve made it easy for you to buy Valentine’s Day flowers online in Melbourne: simply select your blooms from our collection, add to cart, and select your date of delivery. Offering same-day shipping all over Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula when you order before 1pm between Monday to Friday, don’t delay in placing your request in time for February 14. If you require any assistance choosing your flowers for Valentine’s Day or any questions about our products and delivery, please contact us.